Wang Shum Ho Wheel

Outer fixed Cylinder has Eight N pole Magnets Inner rotating Cylinder has 6 N pole Magnets (3 shown) Magnetic Shielding is Used to create N pole Only magnets. By adjusting the alignment of the N pole magnets, slight Rotation of the Inner Cylinder will allow the Magnetic Repulsion to keep accelerating the inner cylinder – energy can then be extracted!

Concepts Diagram (not to scale)

Major Components
1. Cup containing a Vibration Fluid
2. A 4 legged device to act as an unbalanced wheel
3. An unbalanced wheel with vibration damper fluid and one permanent magnet*
4. Inner rotating shaft with a disc containing permanent magnets
5. Outer Cylinder with fixed permanent magnets
6. Magnetic Shielding Material
7. On and Off control via disruption of magnetic field using Shielding Material

1.1 Cup with vibration fluid
Wang did the following experiment over 30 years ago:
– An inverted 4 legged stool was put on top of a bowl of water
– 4 persons all putting the right hand on the tip of the legs
– The water, the cup, then the stool will rotate clockwise and the 4 persons would walk/run
– Use Left Hand, rotation will be anti-clockwise

1.2 Cup with vibration fluid
This experiment can be repeated. But there is no obvious logical explanation.
• This concept was used in the Wang Device
• The vibration fluid contains 3-8 metallic powder suspended in a liquid
• When this cup of fluid is placed in the magnetic field, the metallic powder will move, generating circular motion.
• There will be interaction with the magnetic field and extraction of energy.

2. The 4 Legged Stool setup
The 4 legged stool sits unbalanced on top of the cup screwed onto the inner shaft
• The legs are bend downwards and suspend in mid-air
• When the liquid rotates, the 4 legged stool will rotate along and accelerate.

3. Unbalanced Wheel with damper fluid
The unbalanced wheel has the appearance of that in an automatic watch. Instead of oscillation, it rotates. There is one permanent magnet inside. This is the main source of the Pulse Force. The damper fluid is used to keep down vibrations

4. Inner rotating shaft with disc containing permanent magnets
The rotating unbalance wheel causes the Inner shaft to rotate with Pulse.
• This rotation will further cause the disc containing permanent magnets to rotate.
• The permanent magnets all expose N pole to the outside (S pole shielded)
• These magnets will interact with the magnets in the stationary outer Cylinder.

5. Outer Disc with permanent magnets
The outer disc has exposed N pole magnets.
• The repulsion of the N pole magnets between the inner and outer cylinders will cause rotation and thus gain energy.
• Magnetic Shielding Material is used so that the rotating is in one direction –The Repulsion Force will not retard rotation –(Effect reduced if not totally eliminated)

6. Magnetic Shielding Material
Magnetic Shielding Material will change the orientation of the magnetic field. It is used-to shield the South Poles, -to reduce the retardation due to like pole repulsion and -for disruption of the magnetic field to turn the device off.

China Patent Application date: 1997.11.18 Publication Number: CN1218329 Patent Application Number: 97119789.X Previous Patent: 91205280.5 –Date: 1991.03.30

Wang Shum Ho and his Invention in his lab/bedroom

Lawrence Tseung, Wang Shum Ho and Lee Cheung Kin


note from Laurence Tseung: When Wang Shum Ho mentions Ferro fluids, he does not imply the Ferro fluids one can buy. He mixes 3 to 8 powders in a viscous liquid. Since these powders have different densities and different magnetic properties, they react differently under the influence of externally applied magnetic fields. To be more precise, there will be motion of the liquid mixture compared with the no magnetic field case.

Since the Ferro fluid is in a circular bowl, a slight initial turn will start a circular motion. The Lee-Tseung Theory and Experiments demonstrate that energy can be Lead out and the circular fluid rotates faster. As soon as the vortex is formed, the fluid will hit the top of the bowl and randomizes. The magnetic field will act on the Ferro fluid and accelerates the circular motion more. This process repeats.

Comments (1)
The device can start as soon as the on/off lever is moved into position
• Small changes in the magnetic field will affect observed effect
– The best way to extract energy is via generation of electricity
– Using torque directly will change rotational speed, reducing effect significantly
• The focus will be on the 5KW version

Comments (2)
Can be explained by the corrected theory of the pendulum from Lee-Tseung. See the Lee-Tseung presentation for details –Focus on the extraction of magnetic energy portion

The “mysterious movement of water in a bowl under a 4 legged stool” is real and logical. Hundreds of tests at Tsing Hua University successful

Hungary Company with USA, England and Canadian Backing ( made over unity research a worldwide competition Their Energy By Motion (EBM) machine is open for demonstration in BudapestComments (4)
•Link with the Tsing Hua Electricity Magnifier
•Discuss the Steorn and EBM situation thoroughly

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