The vortex ram is attached to the front of a vehicle.

The colorful stream represents the airflow. It's collected in the dish then pushed forwards up a tube afterwhich it's deflected by a smaller dish. The forwards flowing air should move forwards much faster as the air moving in the other direction (relative to the vehicle).

The drawing has no proportions at all. The tube can be thicker and longer the dish can be deeper. The operation speed and the size of the vehicle may also vary. But given enough speed the air will push away the air. Energy is used to redirect the drag then some of the force of the drag is used to push other drag away.

This way the vehicle doesn't have to work up against it's own wind but may move in complimentary direction.


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After researching this topic I think it is best compared to a sailboat sailing up-wind having a windmill on it. In a curved sail the wind is compressed, the aerodynamic profile will generate some additional compression and our boat is already moving forwards compressing the frontal stream even more.