There are two variations. The first one is a vertical tube. The second is a horizontal tube or guide. The horizontal tube or guide is easier to explain. In one example, four metallic balls are attracted on one side by magnets. Another metal ball is first attracted towards the magnet. Then the attraction turns into repulsion and the single metal ball is “shot out”.

Once we accept that we are immersed in Electromagnetic Waves, we should start looking for ways to harness such energy. This is one example of using magnetic fields in an unexpected fashion. It is result of a repeatable experiment. Rotating balls has a funny property. If it were magnetized as N-S, on rotating 180 degrees, it would be S-N. This explains the initial attraction followed by the repulsion.

There is no mystery to this “Chain reactor”. It has to be developed much more before it can be turned into a practical electricity generating device. As a demonstration toy, it is great.

Lawrence Tseung
We are immersed in Electromagnetic Energy – Just Lead it Out.

Jan 1st 2007